Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Climate Change Policy: What's Next?

One of the greatest losses in the past election cycle was the opportunity to discuss the real issues, not the issues that the Bush campaign forced down the throats of America’s with their propaganda driven news media control, but the real issues, like the environment.

Sadly, during the three presidential debates there was only one question on the environment. Environmentalists had no doubt, who the clear choice was during the election. The difference between John Kerry’s record on the environment and George W. Bush’s record are like night and day.

Among the travesties in Bush’s newly released budget are cuts to the EPA to the tune of $450 million. The L.A. Times reported today that “Bush Plan Could Drain Effort to Clean Up Waters.” If approved by Congress, 2006 funding for the popular program to finance clean water improvements with low-interest loans will be cut nearly in half, from $1.35 billion in 2004 to $730 million.

Thankfully, while Bush is busy tweaking with the environmental priorities of our country, the Shadow President, John Kerry was out today speaking at a conference at the Brookings Institution on Climate Change Policy in Washington, D.C.

Kerry said today, regarding the current Climate Change Policy in D.C. that “our nation has been forced into a great step backward in our work to protect the global environment.”



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