Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dean: Democrats Are The Party of (Fiscal) Responsibility

I have mixed feelings on the likely election of Howard Dean to the DNC chair. There is much I could say favorable about Dean. I also think it is dangerous that so many have closed their eyes to the possible risks.

Personally I could come up with lists of both good and bad things to say about Howard Dean. At present, it is more constructive to concentrate on the good. No point in giving more ammunition to the enemy. In that light, here's an example of why the election of Howard Dean may be a good thing, from his responses to questions submitted by Move On:
I believe that there are no red states or blue states, just American states. And I am confident that Americans will vote for Democrats in Texas, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Montana and all over the Untied States if we show up, knock on their doors, introduce ourselves, and tell them what we stand for. But we will not win by being "Republican-lite" -- Democrats must have the courage of our convictions. Every chance we get, Democrats need to stand up for what we believe in, frame the debate, and call for reform. Each time that we do this we drive home the point that our progressive agenda is right where the majority of Americans are. Because Democrats -- not Republicans -- are the party of fiscal responsibility, economic responsibility, social responsibility, civic responsibility, personal responsibility, and moral responsibility.


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