Saturday, August 14, 2004

Kerry, Wrapping Up Cross-Country Tour, Cheered by 60,000 in Pacific Northwest

Well, this is refreshing!

Yesterday the big media sources seemed to reticent to report the size of the crowd at the Kerry Campaign Portland, Oregon event. In reference to the many photos supplied by the press there were references to "large crowds", "very large crowds", "big crowds"...

PORTLAND, United States (AFP) - Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry wrapped up a two-week bus and train tour of the United States in the Pacific Northwest, cheered by tens of thousands at a star-studded rally.

This election is too important for people to sit out," declared screen star Leonardo di Caprio, who described himself as an ecologist.

"A cleaner environment doesn't sacrifice the economic growth," di Caprio, joined by rocker Jon Bon Jovi, told the crowd.

"John Kerry would reduce our dependency on oil."

Kerry and his family arrived at the biggest rally of his campaign thus far to a swaying ocean of placards proclaiming, "Hope Is On the Way," and "Believe In America."

"Are you ready to put common sense in the leadership of this country?" Kerry asked the crowd.

"Are you ready for a new leadership in the United States?

"Because if you're ready, John Edwards and I are ready, because help is on the way!"

Kerry promised to be "a president who actually believes in science, a president who fights as hard for your jobs as he fights for his own."

Jim Rassman, an Oregonian and Vietnam veteran whom Kerry rescued under fire long ago, said, " I wouldn't want my kids to serve under this commander-in-chief," meaning President George W. Bush, who was also in the Portland area Friday.

Kerry's campaign was scheduled for three-day weekend break at one of his family homes in Ketchum, Idaho, before resuming on Tuesday with another two-week tour, this one concentrating on the economy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work! Your blog is awesome!

The right wing nut jobs are running scared...all they can do is run personal negative attacks!

5:09 PM  
Blogger Pamela Leavey said...


The right wing nut jobs need to get a life and get over themselves!

Kerry has the support, he has the plan, Bush is finished.

7:19 PM  

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