Wednesday, April 21, 2004


We have all witnessed the atrocities on the environment by the Bush administration. The list is astounding!

Here's a few from the list (click on the link to read the full list and details):

George Bush Rolled Back The Clean Air Act Causing Premature Deaths and Illness.

George Bush's Mercury Plan Endangers The Health Of Mothers And Children.

George Bush Allowed Dangerous Toxins To Remain In Our Communities.

George Bush Passed The Burden Of Cleaning Toxic Sites From Polluters To Taxpayers.

George Bush Slashed Funding For The States To Reduce Sources Of Pollution And Clean These Lakes And Streams.

George Bush Broke His 2000 Election Campaign Promise To "Restore And Renew" America's National Parks.


"Sometimes it’s not enough to preserve the environment. Sometimes you have to repair it." - John Kerry, Earth Day Address April 2003

"America is only as healthy as the water our children drink, the air they breathe, the yards and parks in which they play and laugh, and the communities in which they live.

The question is whether armed with that knowledge, our generation will leave our children and grandchildren an earth that is cleaner, not more degraded; more beautiful, not more polluted; healthier and safer for children than the world we inherited from our parents and grandparents."
- John Kerry

John Kerry's Plan for Cleaner Oceans

Comprehensive Plan for Cleaner Water

Today, millions of Americans enjoy our oceans and it is imperative that we protect them for future generations to enjoy. In addition, our oceans are critical to our economy. Residents of Florida well understand that ocean resources are crucial to jobs in the state’s fishing industries and provide significant recreational and tourism opportunities.
Unfortunately, our oceans are at risk. George W. Bush has ignored these serious threats, and has demonstrated the same callous disregard for oceans that he has for America’s other environmental treasures. John Kerry has a plan to strengthen coastal communities and economies, improve public health, and achieve healthy oceans. Kerry will:

- Implement Tough New Protections For Our Beaches

- Aggressively Target Toxics That Are Being Released Into Our Waters, Contaminating Our Fisheries And Endangering Our Health

- Create Federal-State Partnership To Address Pollution Threats

- Provide Communities With The Tools To Protect Important Coastal Ecosystems And Implement Smart Coastal Development



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