Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Read "Creepier than Nixon"...
The man who brought down Richard Nixon says Bush and "co-president" Cheney are an even greater threat to the country. By David Talbot

Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush


John Dean knows what happens behind closed doors at the White House. As counsel to President Richard Nixon, he witnessed the malignant influence of excessive secrecy and its corruption of good intentions. Pundits and partisans can point fingers. Only Dean can reveal with true insider knowledge the dangers of a presidency that has crossed the line.

In Worse than Watergate, Dean presents a stunning indictment of George W. Bush's administration. He assembles overwhelming evidence of its obsessive secrecy and the dire and dangerous consequences resulting from a return to Nixonian governing. Worse than Watergate connects the dots, explaining the hidden agenda of a White House shrouded in secrecy and a presidency that seeks to remain unaccountable. Dean lays out a blistering case against President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, revealing, among other facts, even criminal offenses:

How the Bush administration has shamelessly exploited the 9/11 tragedy, while secretly working to scuttle all efforts to discover why America was so unprepared, and covering up the fact that President Clinton and his advisers privately warned of the serious problem.
- How Bush's deeply flawed secret decision making is costing American blood and well-being abroad and the loss of civil rights and liberties at home, while only making Americans more vulnerable to terrorism.

- How Bush's and Cheney's blatant and unchecked uses of Nixonian stonewalling, obfuscation, and deceit have concealed government business that the public has a right to know.

- How Bush and Cheney have taken a Nixonian approach to any and all efforts of Congress and the news media to check their uses and abuses of power.

Worse than Watergate brilliantly reveals the serious dangers of a president who, like Nixon, is a gambler and believes he is above the law. John Dean lays out an irrefutable case that the tactics of the Bush administration are, in intent and reach, the most potentially dangerous threat to American life in recent political history. Shocking and revelatory, Worse than Watergate is the book the Bush team doesn't want you read.


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