Thursday, March 11, 2004

George Bush's Credibility Problem: The Truth Behind His Attack Ad

The Bush Cheney Campaign uses Weapons of Deception and Distortion because they can’t have an honest debate about jobs and taxes.

The $900 billion ad is completely false. If the Bush wants to have a real debate about John Kerry’s plan to give the middle class tax relief and roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to invest in health care and education, John Kerry says Bring It On.
In fact, George Bush needs to answer questions about his own tax increase: THE BUSH TAX

BUSH ATTACK: “A president sets his agenda for America in the first 100 days. John Kerry's plan: To pay for new government spending, raise taxes by at least $900 billion.”

FACT: John Kerry will cut; not increase taxes on middle class families

The ad takes Kerry’s statement out of context.

In fact, John Kerry said:

“In my first hundred days in the White House, I will roll back George Bush’s tax cut for the wealthiest so that we can invest in education and health care.”

What a difference three little dots make!

Here's what is clear: the new Bush ad is designed to deceive the 98 percent of Americans who will only get ADDITIONAL tax cuts and health savings from John Kerry. The $900 billion number in the Bush ad is completely made up and shows that George Bush is running a campaign of deception and distortion.

While George Bush turns a blind eye to the spiraling health care costs facing the American people, John Kerry has proposed a plan to make health care more affordable and available for all American families. One third of the cost of this plan is a TAX CUT, nearly another third is straight relief from the cost of health care up to $1,000 per family, and the final third spends resources on those that need help most – such as our children.

Even when it was not always popular in the Democratic primaries, John Kerry made it clear that he supported maintaining hundreds of billions of tax cuts for working families making under $200,000. This ad is completely designed to deceive Americans.



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