Monday, March 01, 2004


Oh, and make sure you vote out any Republican Senators and Representatives you have too!

7 Principles of a Good Republican:

1. Always favor the super-rich. No matter what you do, always favor the interests of the extremely rich. They are your major campaign bribers (financers).

2. Politics is a game. You must play to win, at all costs. No matter who you have to lie to or steal from (except the rich: always follow Principle 1).

3. Cut taxes and increase corporate welfare for the inheriting rich. Even if the poor and the middle class have to pay more. Hey, you're not getting very many campaign bribes (contributions) from THEM!

4. As you take more money from the middle class and the poor, their wealth will go down and you won't be able to get as much from them. Borrow the difference.

5. Don't worry about bankrupting the country. If the nation falls apart, the rich can always move to Switzerland or Grand Cayman. Heck, most of their money's hidden there already!

6. Claim to be the Freedom Party and to be against taxes. This will keep the middle class and the poor from seeing how much they have to pay in HIDDEN TAXES...the higher inflation, unemployment and interest rates that result from massive deficit borrowing for the rich.

7. Ban personal freedom in people's bedrooms. This will keep SOME of the moralists and religious groups from seeing how much lying and stealing you're doing!

If you'd like to read Jim's 25 Rules For Being A Good Republican, please open the Comments below!


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