Thursday, November 06, 2003

Howard Dean, an "In Your Face" Sort of Candidate:

Photo from The Washington Post

In "Dean Apologizes for Remarks on Rebel Flag" by Jodi Wilgoren, Howard Dean says: "When people get in my face, I tend to get in theirs,”... "Al Sharpton was in my face last night and I was not going to step one step, half a step, backwards, and I don't care who's in my face." "I tend to be reflective rather later than sooner,"... "Now, unfortunately, we all know that nobody's personality is perfect. So the things that make me a strong candidate are also my Achilles’ heel."

These are not attributes of a sound Presidential candidate. If elected, I fear confrontations Dean might have with volatile leaders from other countries. How can the American public trust this candidate to “sit down at the table” with any foreign powers, with this propensity to “shoot from the lip.” A “strong candidate”, a strong leader thinks before he speaks.


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