Monday, November 03, 2003

Kerry hits Bush hard on war
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By Ed Tibbetts

After calling for a moment of silence to honor the members of a Davenport-based Iowa National Guard unit who were injured in a helicopter attack in Iraq, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry blamed President Bush for the status of the American war effort there.

At the same time, he said the United States should seek a broader role for the United Nations in the war. Kerry was in Davenport on Sunday night for a meeting with about 75 people at Union Station. It was his second stop in the Quad-Cities over the past two weeks.

Kerry, a Vietnam War veteran, supported the resolution authorizing war in Iraq but since has become a stern critic of the Bush administration’s war effort there. And as he did on his visit here two weeks ago, the Massachusetts senator spent a good deal of his time talking about the Iraq war and where he believes the administration went wrong.

Kerry said the United Nations was prepared to act in Iraq, but that the administration pushed too quickly for war, before the world community was ready.

“They were prepared to do what was necessary,” Kerry said. “They just didn’t think it was necessary then.” Kerry went on to say the situation in Iraq should be laid at the president’s door. “What we are witnessing today is the fault of George W. Bush,” he said.

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Keep the pressure on them, John! Continue to hit Bush hard for this war – that’s the ONLY place the criticism belongs. They’re running scared, because they know you’re right!


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