Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Al Sharpton wants to party with John Kerry's wife

A lighter note from CNN's Rock the Vote debate, November 4:

Boston-AP -- Al Sharpton may be a minister, but Senator John Kerry still doesn't want him to get too cozy with Kerry's wife.

Democratic presidential candidates were asked by one of the young people at a Boston debate last night who they'd most like to "party with."

Al Sharpton said he'd like to hang out with Kerry's wife -- Teresa Heinz Kerry. So Kerry anwered the question by picking Sharpton. He says that's so he "can keep an eye on" his wife.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich also picked Sharpton.

Senator Joe Lieberman said he'd "like to party with the young lady who asked that question."

By the way -- it was Teresa Heinz Kerry who was quoted by The Boston Herald yesterday as saying these debates are "silly."

Eight candidates squared off in the Rock the Vote debate aired on CNN last night.


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