Monday, September 29, 2003

Bob Hanafin of Veterans for Kerry has recently sent out an appeal to join in this online action:

Join me in support of our military retirees to tell Congress and the White House to eliminate the Disabled Veterans Tax and to grant full Concurrent Receipt, as introduced in H.R. 303.

Veterans need our help. Nearly 120,000 American service members are serving today in the heat and peril of Iraq. When they are discharged from duty, whether this month, next year, or ten years from now, this country will have a duty to these men and women extending far beyond their time in uniform. Like veterans from wars before, they will look to the Department of Veterans Affairs for services, compensation, and healthcare. But the truth is that these benefits are being denied to veterans. Every day in America, veterans must fight for the dollars and health care that were promised to them - and earned by them - on distant shores. This is wrong. But it’s all too true.

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