Thursday, September 25, 2003

John Kerry is angry "beyond words".


"These t-shirts were displayed and offered for sale at the College Republicans National Convention in Washington. The divisive slogans and graphic pictures are not to be laughed off as campaign rhetoric - they are racist, anti-gay and violent. I support the First Amendment and I am using my right to free speech to protest these products."

"But our protest must come in actions not words."

"The Republican machine has questioned my patriotism before. They know I fight back. They'll attack me again because they know I'm the Democrat best able to beat George Bush. Let's show them that their disgraceful and divisive politics have consequences. This set of four t-shirts was selling at this Republican convention for $60. Today will you show them that while they have division and hatred to fuel their fundraising, we have grassroots power -- will you join me in rejecting their politics by writing a check today to my campaign for $50?"

"Let's show these guys what American politics can be again."


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