Monday, September 29, 2003

Jim Witkins, Sierra Club Member and founder of Independents For Kerry has posted a letter on Independents For Kerry that I strongly urge everyone to send to the Sierra Club.

In his letter Jim says, "With the 2004 Presidential Election quickly approaching, we have the means to elect that President. There is only one candidate running who fully shares our vision. Senator John Kerry. I'm sure many club members are familiar with his long time support of the environment. He has a 96% lifetime approval rating with the League of Conservation Voters. He's led the fight to stop the drilling in ANWR. He was an activist during the first Earth Day celebration over 20 years ago. Simply put, John Kerry shares our values. He is one of us."

Please follow Jim's lead and download his letter to send out to the Sierra Club in your own name!

Read A New Apollo Project , by Carl Pope...


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