Thursday, June 19, 2003

When the White House Feared Kerry - By, Howard Kurtz
Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Every once in awhile, a political profile comes along with a lead so dazzling that it almost redefines the way we think about someone.

Its usually based on old-fashioned journalistic digging - the poring-over-documents kind - rather than breathtaking writing.

That's what the Boston Globe has just done with John Kerry.

Bottom line: Richard Milhous thought Kerry was a phony.

This could be gold in a Democratic primary: Tricky Dick, back in the Watergate era, being so worried about John Kerry that he was practically awarded a spot on the enemies' list.

"In the New Republic's online 'TNR Primary,' my former Boston Phoenix colleague Michael Crowley - who wrote an entertainingly (and perhaps excessively) tough profile of Kerry last year -- gives him a 'General Likeability' grade of 'A' on the campaign stump. Crowley also notes that the Globe series reinforces Kerry's 'special moral authority' in going up against the Hero of the Texas Air National Guard, George W. Bush."

Dean is running a sorry campaign, says the Boston Globe:
"Howard Dean's fire-breathing campaign rhetoric has inspired some party activists, but the inaccuracy of some remarks, as well as his characterizations of some rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, has prompted him to issue several apologies this year."

There's more...Read it all here....


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