Wednesday, June 18, 2003

George Bush knows that he can reshape the country for many decades to come. How will he do it? If he is elected in 2004, Bush will have a chance to name 2-4 Supreme Court justices.

Bush would likely appoint far right conservatives who would pursue the following agenda:

1.) Restrict a person's right to privacy. The far right talks a lot about "The Gay Agenda," but those are just code words for Goevrnment telling people how to behave in their own homes.

2.) End a Woman's right to choose.

3.) Create a state funded church, where the pulpit is used to reinforce Bush's warped Messainic vision of himself- funded by you the taxpayer.

4.) End every New Deal, Great Society and New Frontier program, "Privatizing" everything.

5.) Strike down future Democratic legislation for 50 years to come.

6.) Ashcroft type laws to stifle Civil Liberties.

The stakes are very high in this election. We must work every day with every ounce of energy we have to stop Bush and elect John Kerry. Check out the following article for more information.


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