Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Vote for John Kerry in the MoveOn.org Primary Poll - Tuesday, June 24

Please sign up to participate NOW in the MoveOn.org Presidential Primary poll at www.moveon.org, which will take place Tuesday, June 24 starting at 12:00 AM through Wednesday, June 25th 11:59 pm.

MoveOn is working to bring ordinary people back into politics. With a system that today revolves around big money and big media, most citizens are left out. The organization is a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice. Please sign up and vote for John Kerry in their poll at www.moveon.org.

This is no straw poll: MoveOn does real politics. Founded by some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as a way for liberals and others to electronically register their rage at the impeachment lunacy of 1998, MoveOn has already become a force in American politics. It has coordinated its members to lobby Congress on a host of issues, was a center of opposition to the Iraqi war, and has proved itself as a source of grass-roots campaign contributions ($4.1 million in 2002) to progressive candidates.

Currently Dean is leading Kerry in MoveOn's straw poll. We must change that. Please get the word out to participate in this action! An endorsement from MoveOn would be another big boost for Kerry! Make some noise for John Kerry!


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