Sunday, June 22, 2003

The Glaring Difference

Over the past few days I have entered into various discussions with Dean supporters on Yahoo boards, over the issues and the differences of Howard Dean and John Kerry. I have have been enlightened and I will venture to say enlightened some. These boards offer a wonderful opportunity for all of us to air our views and come together to support the causes that are dear to all of hearts, our rights and our environment to name a few.

I just received Dean's letter for his rallies on June 23rd, through a few of the Yahoo boards I participate on and after reading the letter and once again visiting his website and John Kerry's website, I personally see a glaring difference. And, I wonder why others who are concerned with the issues do not see the glaring difference too.

When I visit Howard Dean's home page I see a huge play for a media blitz (June 23rd, MoveOn, MeetUp, Contribute) and but one small statement on any of the critical issues (healthcare).

When I visit John Kerry's home page, I see one statement about the MoveOn Primary and the Issues (Woman's Right to Choose, Energy, Patriotism, Tax Credits, Healthcare, Emily's List).

I personally am more interested in hearing what the candidates have to say on the issues, not on their play for a media blitz. In my humble opinion, Howard Dean is more interested in his media play then the issues, because the issues are just plain missing on his homepage (homepage being the first page of his website, which many Dean supporters argued with me about, stating there were links to the issues there).

I want a president who cares about the issues, I want a president who will fight to make this country strong and protect our rights, not a president who wants media coverage. Media coverage does not make a strong president in my eyes and frankly I am surprised that people who are concerned about the issues don't see the difference.

When I compare Dean's stance on the issues and Kerry's stance on the issues, I see read less doublespeak and more action in Kerry's stance by far. Sure, Dean may be good at attracting attention but attention does not make a good president. I feel that Dean's push for the media attention and his fighting stance are a turn-off.

Many have said that John Kerry should try harder to attract attention. I feel that John Kerry is working harder on the issues and being able to present to the public what he will propose to do on them. Eloquence, experience, diplomacy and tact are what make a good president. John Kerry is strong in those areas.

In my humble opinion.


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