Sunday, April 15, 2007

Inspired Readers Line Up to Greet Kerry at Santa Fe Bookstore

More news on John Kerry's visit Saturday to Santa Fe, NM...

The New Mexican reports that a group of 350 "inspired readers" lined up to greet Kerry at the bookstore in Santa Fe where he was scheduled for a booksigning for "This Moment On Earth," with wife and co-author, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

U.S. Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., showed up, as did Gilbert Armenta and Tweeti and Linn Blancett, New Mexico ranchers featured in Kerry's book.

Kerry said he and his wife wrote the book because they were frustrated about the way many people inaccurately perceived the environmental movement.

Udall said he has read several excerpts from the work and thinks it is great. Through sales of the book, Udall said, Kerry is helping to put together a broad coalition to fight environmental problems.

Armenta said Kerry featured his story in the book because he has fought an oil company that he said polluted a river on his ranch near Bloomfield.

Linn Blancett said oil and gas companies have also polluted land where he grazes his cattle north of Aztec. The companies have made some efforts to clean up the land, he said, but they haven't done a thorough job.

His wife often says the job they've done is similar to putting on clean clothes without taking a shower, Linn Blancett said...

Lara Martinez, district manager for Borders, said sales of the book were "fast and furious" all day.

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