Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Smackdown: Kerry and Gingrich to Debate Global Warming

Prepare for the smackdown... John Kerry and former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich are scheduled to go a few rounds next Tuesday in a debate on Global Warming.

The debate is scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C. from from 10:00 am to 12:oo pm on April 1o. It is "part of the Brademas Center exploratory series, “Legislating for the Future,” which is cosponsored by The Brookings Institution and RAND Corporation."

John Kerry said in a statement, "We need a real debate. It is time to stop debating fiction writers, oil executives and flat-earth politicians, and actually talk about how to address global climate change."
"Newt’s a guy who has spent a lot of time wrestling with climate change and the environment. He reads about it, he teaches about it, he writes about it,” Kerry said Thursday. “We don’t see eye to eye about everything, obviously, but that’s what makes for a good debate.

“As a father, when someone tells me that within the next decade, if we don't deal with global warming, our children and grandchildren may deal with global catastrophe, that tells me I damn well better do whatever I can to help make Washington deal with this responsibly,” Kerry added. “We need these good old-fashioned debates and forums and discussions to get everyone thinking creatively on both sides of the aisle.”

CNN reports:
On his Web site, Gingrich wrote he believes that the world's climate has changed suddenly. He encouraged the federal government to establish environmental standards and he favors new technology to find alternative energy sources. But he still remains a little skeptical on what is actually causing the climate change.

"The history and science of climate change is far more complex and uncertain than the politically driven mass hysteria of scientists who sign on to ads about a topic for which they have no scientific proof," Gingrich wrote on his website.

On the WaPo's The Sleuth Blog, MaryAnn Akers notes:
Gingrich, who still hasn't ruled out a presidential run, and Kerry are both skilled orators and debaters. (They're practically poster children for the National Forensic League, aka the high school speech and debate club.) And both, perhaps Gingrich more than Kerry, are convinced they know best...

Kerry deputy chief of staff David Wade says, "but maybe debating the fragile future of our planet is reason enough to come early for a ringside seat."

No word yet as whether this will be picked up by C-SPAN or any of the news media. I'd love to be able to fly in for one of those ringside seats David Wade mentions, but I have a busy week a head next week. Regardless, look for Kerry, who has long advocated for change on the Global Warming issue to issue a righteous smackdown to Newt in the first round and then keep it coming.


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