Thursday, October 19, 2006

John Kerry John Kerry Fighting Longer and Harder Than the Rest and It's Still Not Enough?

Hotline on Call reports today that there's an attempt in the blogosphere and with in the Democratic party to get certain Senators to pony up from their war chests for the mid-term elections and the bulk of the cries to pony up are directed towards John Kerry. AP News also has a piece along the same lines. Now let me be clear, working to get other's to pony up out of their war chests is fine, but it's interesting that this "grassroots" effort comes by way of an anonymous website that was registered through Domains by Proxy and has the owner's information blocked and it's sad that the claims on the website are misleading at best.

The truth is no one has done more for Democratic candidates in this election cycle than John Kerry (which Hotline alludes to but dfoesn't give the full scoop) but evidently it's still not enough as far as some are concerned. I find this curious because John Kerry was not sitting around dawdling months ago when success for Democrats appeared more like a fantasy than something attainable. No -- he was out there working hard to raise money for Democratic candidates long before anyone else got the notion to get involved. He did not wait until this late stage in the campaign to pitch in and help like others have, because Kerry understands that “early money” counts the most and it is usually hardest to raise. Kerry's team applied that rule of early support of Senate candidates on the top targeted Senate races.

Off the bat, in 2004, John Kerry gave 1 million dollars to the DSCC at the beginning of this election cycle when the DSCC’s coffers needed a boost to show a positive balance at year-end -- he wiped their debt clean.

Since 2004 the bottom line all combined: the Friends of John Kerry, Keeping America’s Promise PAC and grassroots contributors have provided $3,540,553 in direct contributions, directed donations and online contributions to the DSCC and 22 Senate incumbents and candidates. Here's a breakdown (via Kerry's PAC) of what Kerry has done for Senate candidates:



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The dirty trickster's are at it again, whether it's the Karl Rove or other variety, we need to speak out loud and frequently to shout it down.

Mary from RI (currently in Michigan)

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