Monday, October 09, 2006

Kerry's Barnstorming Sparks Talk of an '08 Run

John Kerry is on the road barnstorming for candidates across the country in the critical mid-term elections. As election day rapidly approaches, so too is the speculation for another Kerry run for the White House. Fact is John Kerry has never stopped fighting for the issues he believes in. Instead of retreating quietly from the limelight, Kerry has pursued with a more of passion than ever, those issues and ideals that are at the center of what makes him perhaps the strongest spokesman for the Democratic party today.

Kerry has been adamant about not stating his intentions until after the mid-terms. On Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, he didn't skip a beat when Maher tried to nail him down when he prefaced a question with about '08 with "When" instead of "If" -- Kerry wasn't buying it (watch the video here). The Boston Globe reports today that Kerry advisers see a 2nd presidential bid in Kerry's future.
Yesterday , Senator John F. Kerry was in Iowa. Tomorrow and Wednesday, he'll be in Nevada. On Friday, he'll be in New Hampshire. After that, he'll visit 11 more states, including South Carolina, before the Nov. 7 election.

With a frenetic pace of barnstorming and fund-raising on behalf of Democratic candidates, Kerry's moves over the last several months have convinced his inner circle that he intends to launch another run for president.

Kerry himself insisted he has not decided whether to run. But more than a dozen longtime loyalists interviewed for this story said they had no doubt that Kerry would attempt what a host of Washington doubters think unimaginable: become the first Democrat in half a century to lose a general election and be renominated four years later.

"My impression is there's no way he's not going to run," said a confidant who speaks with Kerry regularly and asked not to be identified.

Kerry will be spending at least 18 of the next 29 days campaigning for Democratic candidates across the country. He said in an interview on Friday that he "is concentrating his energies on the 2006 elections, in which the Democrats are increasingly optimistic that they have a chance at winning a majority in the House and possibly the Senate."
"First things first," Kerry said. "I haven't made a decision yet, and I don't have any specific timetable for it. My focus is the '06 elections. I know it sounds weird to people, but we've got to do well here, win some seats, and I'm doing everything in my power to do that."

The signs are out there however, within the Kerry camp that he is moving closer to another run. The question poised from many is "will he run again?"



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