Thursday, September 07, 2006

John Kerry: ‘It’s Immoral for Old Men to Send Young Americans to Fight and Die in Conflict With a Strategy That is Failing’

John Kerry let it rip on the Senate Floor Wednesday in the debate on a "no-confidence vote on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld." The Republican controlled Senate blocked the "no-confidence vote" but not before John Kerry and other Dems had their say.
...Democrats blasted Rumsfeld as a key architect of the war, they said the problem was broader than the secretary and that Bush must abandon failing policies.

John Kerry, blasted Rumsfeld for his "speech to the American Legion in which he likened critics of the administration's Iraq policies to those who appeased Nazi Germany before World War Two," calling it a "low and ugly political speech, smearing those who dissent from the catastrophic policy."
Kerry added, "I think it's immoral for old men to send young Americans to fight and die in conflict with a strategy that is failing, and a mission that has not weakened terrorism but strengthened it."

The full transcript of John Kerry's floor speech is available here.


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