Tuesday, September 05, 2006

John Kerry to Address Real Security for All Americans

I've noted here several times in the past week or so about the Republican push on the national security, as they break out the fear-mongering memes and in hopes of winning back their straying base. The L.A. Times reports today that "It's going to be "Security September" on Capitol Hill."
With GOP control of the House and Senate hanging in the balance in the November midterm elections, Republican leaders want to use the monthlong session that begins today when Congress reconvenes to press what has traditionally been their biggest advantage over Democrats: national security.

Democratic leaders are ready for the Republican onslaught and they are gearing up to push back hard and prove that when it comes to national security, the Republican leadership with BushCo at the helm are all washed up. The resounding view is that no one feels safer at home with their massive failures on issues from "homeland security to national security to border security."

On Saturday, September 9, John Kerry will deliver a major address on national security and the war on terrorism at Boston's historic Faneuil Hall. Kerry has been relentless in exposing the failures of the Bush administration on national security, the war on terrorism and Iraq.

The doors open at Faneuil Hall at 10:30 am on Saturday and the speech is slated to begin at 11:00 am. Kerry supporters interested in attending the speech can get tickets here.

While the Republican's think they have all the answers for "Security September," it quite evident that John Kerry and other Democratic leaders have no intention of letting them control the conversation on this issue, or any of the issues that will drive voters to the polls this November.


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