Monday, July 31, 2006

John Kerry: "If Congress Won't Fix Healthcare, Then Americans Will Fix Congress"

John Kerry will deliver a speech today at noon at Faneuil Hall in Boston on healthcare. The speech will lay out Kerry's comprehensive healthcare plan, a plan that Congress and the current administration had better get on board with, because American's are wise to the fact that the healthcare crisis has "gotten worse" under the Bush administration and the Republican leadership.

It's time for a new direction, it's time we start "Getting moving on healthcare," because we're "stuck with a 20th- century healthcare system that just doesn't work for a 21st- century economy."

The truth is, the healthcare crisis "affects all of us." Not just the single mothers struggling on a limited a income, not just the elderly on Medicare, now waking up to the fact that the Bush administration lied about the Medicare Drug Plan. We're all in this boat togther. This healthcare crisis directly effects the economy. It directly affects the bottomline for businesses, big and small. It directly affect the health of all of our children -- "It matters if the kid down the block isn't immunized."

It's time to make healthcare an issue at the polls this fall. "Americans have a choice," John Kerry says in an OP/ED in the Boston Globe today, "If Congress won't fix healthcare, then Americans will fix Congress."

Kerry offered a comprehensive healthcare plan during the '04 election but, voters played to the fearmongering and forgot the issues right here at home, the issues that effect the daily lives of voters struggling to make ends meet. Let's make healthcare a priority this fall. Let's send Congress a loud message that we reject the politcs of fear and we embrace the politics of "bold solutions."

"It's time for a national commitment to a healthcare system that can be a reflection of our ambitions and not an accident of our history."

We've got a chance to take back Congress this fall. If we don't restore checks and balances, healthcare and every other issue that Democrats care about will be down the tubes for another two years. We can't continue to down this collision course of accidental politics any longer.

I'll be posting the text of John Kerry's speech today at Faneuil Hall when it's available -- in the meantime, go read his OP/ED and think hard about the values that we all know are important. Those values, those issues will matter at the polls this fall and Democrats have got to get tough on them. John Kerry is right on healthcare, he's right on the other issues as well. He's out there fighting hard to put Democrats in office all across the country. That's what leadership is all about -- Dubya & Co., could take a few lessons.


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