Monday, June 12, 2006

Lipscomb Continues Smears on Kerry

Thomas Lipscomb continues to smear Kerry at Real Clear Politics. Pamela has shown why his writing is not trustworthy here and here. An early clue that this article isn’t going anywhere comes in the second paragraph as he makes reference to “a Kerry-sponsored (and Kerry-censored) documentary campaign film by respected producer Steve Rosenbaum, Inside the Bubble.” Inside the Bubble was an independent film which was not sponsored by Kerry. While Kerry supporters had negative comments on the film, largely due to its lack of meaningful information on the campaign as it was not sponsored by the campaign, this is hardly censorship.

Rather than trusting such biased and inaccurate accounts from Lipscomb, we have recently reposted many accurate accounts which refute the claims of the Swift Boat Liars. Most of these posts can be found by clicking here. A more detailed account of Kerry’s first purple heart is here. Fact Check’s review of the attacks is here and Snope’s finding that these are untrue urban legends is here.


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