Sunday, June 04, 2006

TNR on Kerry's Iraq Email

The New Republic has some rather strange comments on John Kerry’s email on Iraq. Mixed in their snarky comments they write, “It was clear by mid-2004 that Kerry hated the war (and I’m not sure he ever truly supported it in his heart), but he couldn’t quite bring himself to say so.”

They are right that Kerry never truly supported the war in his heart, despite the confusion caused by Kerry’s vote for the IWR, which he did not consider to be support for going to war except as a last resort if we were proven to be threatened by WMD. They most likely missed Kerry’s op-ed in the New York Times and Foreign Affairs against going to war, his advice to Bush not to rush to war in his Georgetown speech, and his call for regime change in Washington in protest at the onset of the war.

While they misunderstood Kerry’s initial opposition to the war, their claim that Kerry could not bring himself to say so is just incredible. Besides the pre-war statements I mentioned above there were multiple anti-war statements during the campaign. Does “wrong war, wrong place, wrong time” ring a bell?


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