Friday, June 16, 2006

Hotline's Blogometer and Right Wing Blogs Get it Wrong on Iraq Vote

Hotline's Blogometer is making much ado about nothing today, with their claim that "Righty bloggers celebrated the defeat of Sen. John Kerry's (D-MA) Iraq-withdrawal resolution." Not only is Blogometer wrong on the Iraq vote that went down yesterday, so are the "Righty bloggers" who claim it was "John Kerry's (D-MA) Iraq-withdrawal resolution."

The spin from the rightwing nutjobs is laughable on this one, as the much of the MSM made note of the fact that Mitch McConnell lifted Kerry's resolution and put his own name on it.

Michael Crowley on the Plank claims "...that there's a specific reason why Mitch McConnell forced a premature Senate vote on Kerry's Iraq-withdrawal resolution: Senate Democratic leaders, I'm reliably told, had been working on a middle-course alternative allowing their party members to oppose Kerry's plan without implicitly seeming to support Bush's policy (and thus without further enraging hard-core anti-war activists)."

Whoever "reliably told" Crowley that "Senate Democratic leaders,"... "had been working on a middle-course alternative" -- weren't so reliable. Obviously, Crowley missed the interchange on the Senate Floor yesterday when Harry Reid "accused Republicans of political gamesmanship and sought to curtail floor debate on the proposal." The vote was forced and per discuss on the floor with John Kerry and Senator Warner, a vote on Kerry's Iraq resolution was promised for next week.

Here's what John Kerry had to say on the Senate floor following the forced vote: MORE


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