Sunday, June 25, 2006

Everyone’s Writing About the Blogs

I think it’s a combination of pack journalism and the lull before the 2006 election gets under way, but it seems everyone is writing about the bloggers. (Kevin Drum notices the same thing). I’ve already noted that David Brooks has a column on Kos, and TNR has been blogging about them the last few days (here and here). Of course the mainstream media stories on Armstrong and Kos first began in the New York Times.

We also have Newsweek writing on Hugh Hewitt on the right as well as Kos on the left. Can’t some writers break from the pack mentality for a moment and look at the liberal blogosphere beyond Daily Kos? Newsweek was somewhat negative on Kos, and David Broder was even more negative on the liberal blogosphere in the Washington Post. At least Broder does go beyond Kos and Armstrong, even having some favorable comments on Democracy: A Journal of Ideas and The Democratic Strategist. Even when discussion of the liberal blogosphere in the mainstream media is negative, such coverage does suggest that we are making an impact. A broader look at the liberal blogoshere, rather than stopping at Daily Kos, is also more likely to lead to a favorable impression as we saw with David Broder.


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