Monday, June 19, 2006

The American Prospect debunks a couple of Republican talking points which the Washington Post repeated without correction. One involves John Kerry:

REPUBLICAN FALSEHOODS GO UNCORRECTED IN WASHINGTON POST. Today’s Washington Post piece on yesterday’s congressional debates about Iraq floated two key GOP falsehoods without debunking them. The first:

“I’m not surprised at John Kerry switching his position yet again,” [Dick] Cheney said on Sean Hannity’s radio talk show. Kerry is charging “that somehow he was misled,” the vice president said. “He wasn’t misled. He saw the same intelligence all the rest of us saw.” (Emphasis added.)

Lies, lies, lies. The falsehood that the President and Congress had access to the same intel in the runup to Iraq has been thoroughly debunked numerous times. Yet the administration has continued to peddle this line for years. And here it is again, quoted in the Post, with not a single word providing this crucial context or noting that it is simply false.


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