Monday, December 19, 2005

Right Wingers Deny Horrors of Holocaust

The right wingers are becoming seriously deluded if they really mean what they write. At WorldNetDaily Eric Rush compares the position of Christians in the United States to that of Jews in Nazi Germany. He compares those who laugh at the right wingers’ claims of a War on Christmas to those who denied the existence of the holocaust (perhaps not realizing that to make such an absurd comparison is to deny the actual horrors of the holocaust). He even believes that “there are indeed groups of Americans who are dedicated to eradicating Christianity completely, if at all possible.”

It is absurd to compare the position of Jews in Nazi Germany to that of Christians here, in a nation where over 80% of the population is Christian, well over 90% of elected officials are Christian, and their imagined enemies on the left are dedicated to preserving freedom of religion. This is especially absurd in the current climate where the religious right has been more successful than ever before in imposing their religious beliefs on government decisions.

There are several related articles today on the war on Christmas, and the search for weapons of Christmas destruction, at The Democratic Daily.


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