Saturday, December 17, 2005

Safeguarding Our Way of Life

Our new friend Dave, who visited us in the comments section at The Democratic Daily, has introduced us to his Klansman like friends in a link in order to argue about the need to safeguard our way of life.

Safeguarding our way of life is what this is all about. I responded with suggestings to help safeguard our way of life and thought I should repost them as a separate blog entry:

1) Effectively fight al Qaeda rather than doing exactly what they wanted in attacking Iraq, while allowing Bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora.

2) Contain Iran rather than helping them out by attacking Iraq.

3) Contain North Korea, rather than stretching our military too thin in Iraq.

4) Do something about the rising cost of health insurance which is resulting in 45 million being uninsured and far more being so under-insured that their coverage is virtually worthless. Plus the cost has made our industries much less competitive. See the recent bankruptcy of Delphi, and the problems General Motors are now facing.

5) Preserve the free market system, rather than having a government based upon corporate welfare which is supporting a handful of large companies as they destroy the small business climate in this country.

6) Help keep jobs at home, rather than giving tax breaks to large corporations which encourage out sourcing of jobs to other countries.

7) Protect the environment. Our way of life is dependent upon clean air and water.

8) Find alternative energy sources, which is important both our economy and our national security.

9) Preserve the tradition of separation of church and state established by our founding fathers. Such separation is the only way to guarantee that your religion will remain free to practice its beliefs.

10) Keep the American way of life open to all. Drop the racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia of your right wing friends who count on the fact that you will vote for them in order to prevent two guys from kissing or getting married, even if it means people will go without health care.

11) Preserve the separation of powers and checks and balances written into the Constitution, which the Bush Administration has been weakening.


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