Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Lord's Work in Iraq

Western Michigan recently received good news with the return home of a local National Guard Unit from Iraq (which included the son of one of my employees). While this was generally cause for celebration, the coverage in today’s Muskegon Chronicle unintentionally reminds me of the horrors we face when religion is mixed with politics.

The mixing of religion with politics I’m speaking of today is not that of Islamic dictatorships. While that carries plenty of horrors of its own, today I’m referring to the mixture of religion and government here at home. We’ve all heard stories of how Bush believes God told him to go to war. I was reminded of this when my Congressman (although I certainly did not vote for him) is quoted in the coverage. At the homecoming, Congressman Pete Hoekstra told the crowd that, “There are 160,000 troops doing the Lord’s work in Iraq.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bible does say there will be false prophets/others who would use the Lord's name but are not representing Him. Believe me, God is already working all of this out.
(I really don't think 'GEORGE' is enjoying being President. Do you?)

1:06 PM  

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