Friday, December 09, 2005

Kerry Talks to Imus: "They Were Hell Bent for Leather, to Take Out Saddam Hussein"

John Kerry was on Imus in the Morning today. Amid the humorous banter between Imus and John Kerry, about whether or not Kerry will run again (he's still not talking), there were discussions over the recent right wing twist on Kerry's "Face The Nation" interview; withdrawing troops from Iraq; the mis-leading information that was used to justify the war in Iraq and on Kerry's call for Rumsfeld to resign.

On the "Face The Nation" interview:

IMUS: ... Second of all, what did you -- what do you mean by that? You don't mean American soldiers are terrorists?

KERRY: Obviously -- obviously not. You know, the only people who are making, trying to make anything out of that, to be honest with you, is, you know, Rush Limbaugh and a few people on the right.

Well, it's fun. After three years, almost three years, Iraqis ought to be capable of searching a home. And, you know, I've been over there a number of times, I just -- I've talked to the troops over there, as all of us have. It's inexplicable that when the biggest killers in Iraq are suicide bombers and IEDs, improvised explosive devices, that we're still on the front lines going into homes and going out in the dead of night, and it scares people.

I mean, our own General Sanchez, who was the first commander in Iraq, said the same thing. The U.S. Institute of Peace, which, you know, the entire board of the U.S. Institute is made up of Bush appointees, says the same thing.



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