Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oliphant Refutes Bush's Attack on Kerry

Oliphant Disputes Bush’s Attack on Kerry

Thomas Oliphant has also refuted Bush’s claims that Kerry had initially supported him in going to war:

In his speech, Bush took aim at Senator John Kerry, and in a statement, his White House went after Kennedy, who days before had spoken out on the Chalabi visit. It was intriguing how desperately Bush clung to the fiction that Kerry had once been a soul brother.

Quoting him as saying before the war resolution vote in 2002 that his authorization assumed a ‘’deadly arsenal” glides past Kerry’s criticism of the ‘’rush to war” before the invasion and his later assertion that he would not have voted ‘’yes” if the full truth were known. Bush also ignored the incorrect belief of many that while chemical and possibly biological weapons probably existed, the case for a nuclear weapons program was flimsy, and yet it was that case that Bush and his advisers emphasized because it tested better in their polling of voters.


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