Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kondracke: Kerry Launches Impeachment Trial Balloon

I don’t know if Kondracke’s assesment of Kerry’s intentions are correct, but if so this should give another reason for Democrats to stand behind Kerry. Should we ultimately achieve impeachment, we may look back at John Kerry for taking the first steps. From First Read:

Roll Call’s Morton Kondracke writes that “Democratic accusations that Bush lied to get the United States into the Iraq war would seem to lead logically to demands for his removal from office.” Kondracke thinks that Kerry’s mention earlier this week of Republicans’ effort to impeach Clinton “was a trial balloon, designed to get the idea out on the table without having to accept responsibility for actually recommending it… To be sure, no party leader has mentioned impeachment, but it’s clear that Democrats are eagerly searching for ’smoking guns.’”


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