Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kerry Fires Back to Cheney’s Latest Personal Attacks and Lies

Dick Cheney opened his mouth and spewed forth a mess of lies and attacks tonight at the Frontiers of Freedom Institute 2005 Ronald Reagan Gala. In his speech, Cheney accused Democratic senators who allege that the Bush administration distorted intelligence to justify the war in Iraq of engaging in "one of the most dishonest and reprehensible charges ever aired in this city." Dishonest??? Reprehensible??? Nothing is more reprehensible than a Vice President who never served a day in the military, a Vice President who had 5 deferments to keep his sorry ass out of Vietnam, lying about the justification for war.

John Kerry fired back to Cheney's latest round of vile personal attacks and blatant lies about Iraq (which included naming John Kerry, Harry Reid and Jay Rockefeller), with this statement:

"It is hard to name a government official with less credibility on Iraq than Vice President Cheney. The Vice President continues to mislead America about how we got into Iraq and what must be done to complete the still unaccomplished mission.

"My commitment to our country has been steadfast from the day I signed up to serve in the Navy through my service as a United States Senator fighting for our troops and our national security. Too often when it's been time to tell the truth to the American people, Vice President Cheney has had other priorities.

"While the Vice President engages in the politics of fear and smear, Americans want their government to honor the memory of the more than 2,000 brave Americans lost in Iraq, and they have not forgotten that Osama bin Laden remains on the loose. If the Bush White House cared as much about our troops as they do about their plummeting political fortunes, they would at last offer a clear strategy for success in Iraq and work to bring home 20,000 troops after the successful Iraqi elections. Then, and only then, would they be even beginning to offer leadership equal to our soldiers' sacrifice."

The Republican's are running scared... Our Democratic leaders have pushed their backs against the wall in recent weeks and now the Bush administration's web of lies and deceit is unraveling before their very eyes. John Kerry led the charge on the recent push by the Democratic Senators to change the course in Iraq, three weeks ago with his speech at Georgetown. It's been downhill for the Republicans ever since that moment when Kerry stood and spoke the Truth to Power.


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