Friday, November 04, 2005

Heated Emotions Still Run High over Last Year’s Election Outcome

There’s no doubt that emotions still run high over last year’s election outcome. So many feel that the election was stolen, yet with a Republican dominated House and Senate, it’s nearly impossible to push the envelope.

In an interview on Democracy Now, Mark Crispin Miller, pushing his new book, "Fooled Again” made some claims that are causing quite a stir over on DU.

I spoke briefly with him just as he arrived, and handed him the book, saying, "You were robbed, Senator." He said, "I know!" with a clear gesture of extreme frustration, and then said that he can't get
any of his colleagues on the Hill to face the issue... In bringing the subject up with Dodd, Kerry was not influenced by the GAO report, which he didn't even know about until I mentioned it to him. Indeed, he seemed mightily impressed that the GAO had come out with a strong report... He said that, given his position, he doubts that he can be the one to go out front about the issue, because of the "sour grapes" factor. I appreciate his dilemma, but still think that he must embrace the issue of electoral reform, for the country's sake.

A Kerry campaign spokesperson, has questioned Crispin's claims noting that Kerry is leading the way on voter reform with the Count Every Vote Act:

I know Mr. Miller is trying to sell his book and he feels passionately about his thesis but his recent statements about his conversation with Senator Kerry are simply not true. The only thing true about his recollection of the conversation is that he gave Senator Kerry a copy of his book.

Make no mistake, after pouring his heart and soul into the campaign and seeing George Bush continue the mess he created, if the election had been stolen John Kerry would be fighting them today to reverse the outcome.

If Mr. Miller wants to prevent the problems that happened in Ohio moving forward into 2005 and 2006, instead of misrepresenting what Senator Kerry said, he should be complimenting Kerry for leading the way in Congress with the Count Every Vote Act to improve voting rights and fund the election reform effort across the country.

Miller notes that Kerry needs encouragement to continue moving forward on this issue:

But if he'll champion the issue of electoral reform, we stand to gain much more than we can get from merely cursing him for his timidity. I therefore would advise you all to shower him with strong encouragement ASAP.

But, what Miller states above is off the mark because, as noted above, Kerry is championing electoral reform. Beyond the Count Every Vote Act, is the fact that the Kerry campaign is moving forward with the Voter Fraud lawsuits in Ohio.

Miller is on target in reminding people to keep the pressure on, but indeed the pressure needs to be on ALL the Senators, ALL the Reps, not just Kerry. We're never going to move forward with electoral reform unless everyone gets on board. That's where Miller misses the mark.

We need to target those in Congress who are NOT on board with this. Kerry consistently mentions the need for voter reform - as recently as his eulogy for Rosa Parks, and as noted here and here.



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