Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kerry, Lawmakers: U.S. Isn't Prepared for Next Attack

The Lowell Sun has rarely been known to turn tail on the conservatives but they certainly did a bit of an about face today with this article, giving creedence to MA and New England Democrats -- Mass. lawmakers: U.S. isn't prepared for next attack.

WASHINGTON -- Grim images of unattended corpses and stranded hurricane victims illustrate shocking deficiencies in the nation's homeland-security systems designed four years ago to prevent and respond to the next 9/11, lawmakers said this week.

Ominous doubt on Capitol Hill about the government's ability to minimize the loss of life in the event of another major terrorist attack was widespread this week, a sharp contrast to the abundant political unity immediately following the nation-changing al Qaeda attacks of 2001.

“They clearly are not prepared,” Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., told The Sun, referring to the Department of Homeland Security's readiness for another attack.

The Lowell Sun notes that "Despite more than $100 billion spent since 9/11 to improve domestic protection by folding 22 federal agencies in the Homeland Security Department, New England lawmakers widely criticized the department's funding as vastly inadequate."

Kerry, when asked how much more money is needed, simply said “billions.”

“There's a huge quantity of unmet needs, which we've categorized year after year: port security, tunnels, trains, chemical plants, nuclear plants. Just a long list,” Kerry said, adding that homeland security investments have been “diverted to huge tax cuts and Iraq.” The White House said funding is adequate.

Those who paid attention during the election cycle will note that Kerry's list of unmet needs were needs he discussed over and over again during the election cycle and since... Read the entire article here.


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