Saturday, September 10, 2005

John Kerry to Deliver Supplies to New Orleans Area

Earlier, I posted the press release about the legislation that John Kerry sponsored on the Senate floor Friday that will help Small Businesses and others affected by Katrina by providing "some relief to them that's immediate."

And now here comes news that John Kerry has chartered a plane to bring supplies to the New Orleans area on Sunday and beyond...

Kerry set to deliver supplies
By Rick Klein, Globe Staff | September 10, 2005

WASHINGTON -- Senator John F. Kerry has chartered a plane to deliver supplies to the New Orleans area tomorrow and is accepting donations in Boston to make deliveries in the coming weeks.

Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, has coordinated local and national corporate donations that will be part of tomorrow's delivery to a supply distribution center in Baton Rouge, La.

''This feels so much like the days after September 11th, when friends and neighbors refused to just sit there in front of their television sets watching the disaster; they just had to get up and give something of themselves," Kerry said. ''The outpouring from Massachusetts has been incredible."

Tomorrow's shipment includes water, food, medical supplies, infant-care items, and cleaning supplies. Donations came from a range of individuals and businesses, including Children's Hospital, the Roche Bros. supermarket chain, New Balance, Stop & Shop groceries, the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans, Polar Beverage, Partners Healthcare, Basic Marketing Service, Hallmark Health, BJ's Wholesale, and Coca-Cola.


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