Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wrong When Right Part 1: WSJ and Dobson

Today has been a day when conservatives have been wrong even when they started out right.

The Wall Street Journal's opinion page has a commentary criticizing Dobson for his comparison of stem cell research to Nazi's:

Last week, James Dobson of Focus on the Family proved that he lacks sufficient control to be pitching in the major leagues of public discussion and ought to be sent back to the minors. He compared embryonic stem cell research to Nazi death-camp experiments. I too (and millions of others) oppose broadened federal funding for stem-cell research, but Dr. Dobson has damaged rather than helped this cause. He has made conservatives look bad by suggesting that some are just as incapable of moral distinctions as the Howard Dean left — and just as unable to treat their opponents like human beings and not wicked moral dwarfs.

The same pattern persists throughout the article. They are correct in their criticism of Dobson, but this is the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal. Therefore every point correctly criticizing Dobson is matched with a weakly reasoned counterattack on liberals who previously criticized Dobson.


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