Monday, July 18, 2005

John Kerry Calls for Immediate Action on Veterans' Health Care

Senator John Kerry today called for the Senate Republican Leadership to adopt Democratic proposals to increase veterans funding by $1.5 billion this year. The Department of Veterans Affairs has publicly stated that they are more than $1 billion short in meeting veterans' health care needs this year.

Below is a statement from Senator Kerry:

"For what we're spending in Iraq in one week, we can honor America's promise to our veterans for a year. Now is the time for Republicans in Congress to practice what they preach, and that means honoring our country's long-standing commitment to our vets and getting them the health care they've earned."

"This administration's own Department of Veterans Affairs has said they are a billion dollars short of being able to meet veterans' health care needs this year. Washington's response has been downright pathetic. Last week a top White House official, Joshua Bolten, said too much is being spent on veterans' health care, and once again Republicans in Congress are stalling a measure to get the needed money to the VA.

"This administration has failed to request enough money for veterans' health care year after year. Instead of doing what's right, they have closed hospitals and shortened hours. They excluded an entire class of veterans from care. And they have repeatedly tried to shift the burden for funding care onto the backs of veterans themselves through higher co-pays and enrollment fees.

"We've got veterans being turned away at the VA and veterans who can't get prescriptions filled. We are creating new veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan every day, many of whom will need a lifetime of care as a result of their wounds. Now is the worst possible time for the president's cuts and Congress' apathy."


Anonymous Blue Cross of California said...

I hope Kerry can do great things for our health care system and provide health insurance to many.

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