Monday, July 18, 2005

Blogcritics: Kerry in 2008

With all the Kerry-bashing in the blogosphere the last few months, it's good to link to something positive (even if it took me a few weeks to discover this post). Chris Franklin of looks at the potential 2008 candidates and likes Kerry:

In that pool of candidates, I give it to Kerry. Kerry has already been through the presidential campaign ringer once and he did extremely well versus a sitting president who was in charge of a fearful country that had been attacked by a foreign entity. Kerry has lost other political races before, such as a congressional race in the 1970s; but, he came back from this defeat and won a Senate seat. So, Kerry has shown that he can rebound in to a stronger position. Kerry has already been vetted by the press, both inside and out; he's not perfect: a "summer" (three months) in Vietnam does not a tour make. But, nevertheless, everything appears to be legit. People say Kerry quit in 2004; I disagree. Kerry knew that he would lose, despite months of recounts and investigations of technicalities, etc. and he wisely chose to surrender and fight another day rather than politically bleed out in some kind of last stand that would have surely alienated him even from members of his own party (Remember, this is an institutionalized political contest in a civilized Democratic Republic we are talking about, not Battle Royale).


Blogger Diane said...

Many thanks for making the effort to find this. It's heartening to see that not everyone has drunk the koolaid of Rovian talking points on Kerry. Some people actually see him for who he is!

7:54 AM  
Blogger Bob Evans said...

This is a good statement, except for one comment: " . . . a 'summer' (three months) in Vietnam does not a tour make."

A lot of guys were killed in Vietnam in a far shorter time, and Kerry himself was wounded three times over a short period. Moreover, Kerry volunteered as a swift boat commander, one of the most hazardous duties there were. Every single day offered new opportunities to die, or to be maimed. The whole notion of measuring a soldier by the LENGTH of his combat tour is absurd, and denigrates the service of those whose tours ended after a brief time due to death or disability.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Ron Chusid said...

Agreed, that was a poor aspect of the post I quoted here.

11:41 AM  
Blogger jillcinta said...

It was so nice to read this post.
I can't imagine anyone but Kerry in '08

10:20 PM  

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