Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bad News for Bush in Latest Poll

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll (here and here) has bad news for President Bush, with mixed opinions on the next Supreme Court pick which reflect the current division in the country.

Respondents by a 49 percent-to-46 percent margin disapprove of Bush’s job performance. That’s a drop from May when 47 percent approved and 47 percent disapproved. Only 41 percent give Bush good marks for being "honest and straightforward" which is his lowest ranking on this question since he became president. This is a drop of nine percentage points since January, when a majority (50 percent to 36 percent) believed that he was honest and straightforward.

52% say the nation is "off on the wrong track," while just 34% say it is "headed in the right direction." Americans disapprove of how Congress is doing its job, by 55% to 28%. By 45% to 38%, Americans say they would prefer that the 2006 elections produce a Democratic-controlled Congress rather than a Republican-controlled Congress.

By 57% to 33%, Americans believe that allowing workers to invest Social Security contributions in the stock market is a "bad idea," and opponents are much more likely to say their minds are made up. A plurality in every age group opposes the idea, and senior citizens are opposed by 71% to 19%.

When asked about the next Supreme Court justice, 41 percent (vs. 30 percent) want Bush to appoint a strong conservative to the court, while a nearly equal proportion (40 percent to 25 percent) would like for him to take into consideration the views of secular and liberal groups. 65% say the court shouldn't overturn Roe v. Wade, with many people who are anti-abortion also opposing a change in the law. 63% support a justice who would allow references to God in public life, 60% favor a woman, and 55% favor a justice who would uphold affirmative action laws.


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