Tuesday, June 14, 2005

John Kerry, Following Through on the DSM

Ron posted a quip earlier from the Washington Post that “Kerry is circulating a letter about the memo among Democratic senators before sending it to Bush.”

I just received this a short time ago from a Kerry confidant :
“Kerry has been enlisting other Senators to sign onto a letter to the intelligence committee seeking answers to the Downing Street Memo so Americans can trust that security decisions are driven by facts and responsible intelligence, not by political calculation.”

Raw Story apparently received the same statement from Kerry confidants but also claimed that the statement came “after nearly two weeks of silence from the senator,” implying that by not speaking to the media that Kerry has been silent, when indeed he has not been silent, since he has been talking to his Senate colleagues.

With John Kerry, silence does not mean he has been inactive. Au Contraire… John Kerry has been doing what John Kerry does best… following through in a pragmatic manner on this issue to actually get something achieved.

In addition, John Kerry has had a full schedule in the past week, one set not by Democrats but by the Republicans who control the Senate.

In the last week, John Kerry has joined a bipartisan coalition fighting to stop SBA from gutting rural small business loans, he has joined with Henry Waxman to demand an investigation into the doctored Global Warming reports and he’s been dealing with an economic disaster in MA due to the Red Tide outbreak. Today, Kerry attended the CAFTA hearing and offered an amendment and offered an amendment on the Energy bill as well.

No doubt, we’ll hear more from John Kerry regarding the DSM soon. As his “confidant” reports he has been actively pursuing the DSM issue, while dealing with other pressing issues in the Senate as well. LUTD is staying on top of this story and we’ll keep you posted.

Last note for now on the DSM, Salon’s War Room reports - AP: We "dropped the ball" on Downing memo.


Blogger Briggs said...

there is an animation at cafeclutch about the DSM. pretty funny.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Pamela Leavey said...

Thanks Briggs!

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