Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Kerry Continues Action on the Downing Street Memos

John Kerry stated in early June that he would be raising the Downing Street Memo upon his return to the Senate after Memorial Day. This led to a storm of speculation, as some Democrats misinterpreted this as plans for a formal Senate speech and the right wing media twisted this to claim he planned to call for the impeachment of George Bush. The statement from Kerry that he will take this up in the Senate was followed by considerable talk about the DSM, with other Senators publicly discussing it up for the first time after Kerry broke the Senate's initial silence on the subject.

The response of the right wing media necessitated more than a simple statement if Kerry's efforts were to be effective. Much of Kerry's work has been behind the scenes since his return to the Senate, with hints of more to come. Last week a statement to the Boston Phoenix promised that "John Kerry will demand answers in the Senate. Stay tuned."

The Washington Post provides further information on Kerry's actions today, reporting that "A senior aide close to Kerry said this week that Kerry is circulating a letter about the memo among Democratic senators before sending it to Bush. The aide predicted that Kerry would make the letter public in the next few days."


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