Tuesday, May 24, 2005

John Kerry’s Commencement Address at BU

Yesterday I reported here that John Kerry received an honorary Doctor of Laws at BU on Sunday and he delivered the commencement address at BU’s Medical School.

Here are a few quips from his commencement address:

"You and everyone here understand better than anyone that healthcare is the real crisis of our country. Premiums have gone up over $3,500 for the average family. Over 45 million Americans have no healthcare at all. Benefits are going down while deductibles and co-pays are going up. Doctors increasingly perform services that cost more than they are likely to be paid."

"How do I change all this? The answer is you have to make your issues the voting issues of this nation. That may sound corny, but you’re not the first generation to face significant challenges. Women wouldn’t have gained the right to vote if they hadn’t fought for it. No one gave blacks civil rights out of the goodness of their hearts – they demanded it."



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