Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kerry Signs Form 180

The Boston Globe reports that John Kerry has signed the Form 180. I guess this shouldn't be a surprise considering their history, but a Globe writer actually managed to turn this into a negative story on Kerry.

This is also presented as a negative by the author, but if read objectively the article also demonstrates how Kerry is sticking to principles while many other Democrats are trying to move to the right since the election:
Later, Kerry said, ''Let me be crystal clear. We do not have to reformulate or redefine the Democratic Party. I'm tired of hearing that the Democratic Party doesn't stand for anything." The party, he said, stands for healthcare for every single American; public education that works and gets the necessary resources, with strict accountability; foreign policy that demonstrates both strength and respect for multinationalism; a tax structure that is fair; protecting the environment, and energy independence.


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