Friday, May 13, 2005

The Extremist War on Moderates

Over at Daily Kos, Armando has a post entitled "The Extremist War on Moderates" . He is speaking of the attacks from the extremists in control of the Republican Party on the moderates in the party.

Meanwhile, his site has had three front page attacks so far this week on John Kerry, the party's last Presidential candidate and a man with a long history of fighting for liberal issues. I have held off on completing my full response to the latest attacks, but I could not resist a brief comment on the hypocrisy shown this morning by Armando. As those of you who followed yesterday's thread at Kos are aware, Armando repeatedly responded to my criticism of their flawed arguments and misquotation of Kerry by launching obscenities and charges of lying, while failing to write a single word of meaningful refutation.

We cannot claim the high moral ground compared to Republican extremists when Democratic extremists do the same. Similarly we cannot protest the vicious attacks of the Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters when people like Kos and Armando do the same, although with even less intelligence and wit than we see from their equivalents on the right.

I hope we learn a lesson from the Republican's fall into the grasp of the extremists. If Democrats allow the likes of Kos and Armando to become our leaders, we are no better.


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