Thursday, May 12, 2005

As if Fox Wasn't Bad Enough

We've talked about biased right wing media. We've talked about the right wing religious groups campaigning for Bush. Columbia Journalism Review ties the two together with a story of evangelical Christian groups forming an "alternative universe of faith-based news."

This alternative universe contains many fake news outlets, such as USA Radio Network, described in this manner:

USA Radio Network, for example, ran pieces produced to sound like news stories, but with a single conservative perspective. One segment, based solely on an interview with the former CIA analyst Wayne Simmons, reported that Osama bin Laden spent years laying plans to destroy America, only to have them thwarted by a tough-talking Texan. “He never planned on running into a president with the strength, character, and conviction of George W. Bush,” Simmons said. “If George W. Bush wins the presidency, his fate — meaning Osama bin Laden’s fate — is sealed. If John Kerry wins, he’ll go back to business as usual because he knows he’ll have another administration in there where he did nothing and let them plan attacks on us.”


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