Thursday, May 05, 2005

Email from John Kerry on the Nuclear Option

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It's decision time. Republican leaders are doing everything in their power to find the votes to pass the nuclear option - and clear the way for Bush nominations of extreme judges that don't need a single Democratic vote.

We've been working hard to stop them. But, now we've got to pull out all the stops. Your immediate financial help is essential as we launch an intensive effort with a powerful newspaper ad in next Tuesday's USA Today. Your donation can help deliver our message to 2.2 million people.

For weeks now, we've been raising our voices. It's time to make them louder. George W. Bush, Tom DeLay and Bill Frist seem determined to prove how much they care about their own political power . . . and how little they care about using power to fight for what really matters to America's families.

In a matter of days, as Senator Frist gets ready to pull the trigger on the "nuclear option," we will see how far they are willing to go in sacrificing principle to satisfy the desires of the most extreme and out of touch interest groups in their party.

As this critical vote approaches, the outcome is unclear. But, this much is clear, we can't win unless committed supporters of democratic principles like you take action. Don't stand on the sidelines. Rush an immediate donation to mobilize public opposition to the Republicans' power play.

With support from people like you, the community is waging an all-out effort to give voice to our values and stop Republican leaders from running roughshod over the things we value most.

  • We've collected over a quarter of a million signatures opposing the "nuclear option."
  • We've collected over 600,000 more signatures demanding that Congress act to help the 11 million children living in America without health insurance.
  • We've distributed a video to millions of people on the Washington Republicans' dangerous tactics.
  • And, right now, we're reaching out by email, mail and phone to millions more.

Your participation - and your active financial support - for these initiatives are absolutely essential. Please take a moment to help right now.

I've been traveling the country this week rallying support for our Kids First initiative to help children living without health care. The American people know what really matters. People won't stand for Republican leaders ignoring America's families any longer.

Let's get that message across. Thank you for standing up for principle at a moment of great urgency.


John Kerry

P.S. In addition to helping us run our powerful new ad in USA Today, I hope you will pay frequent visits to our action center next week. Events could move very quickly.


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